Our team is actively building on the map. Not only that, we are adding extra features like shops restaurants and 3D models. Just to give the extra details.


Want EARLY ACCESS? It’s possible! Along with this you get some handy extra features like 50 FastPasses or a free room in a hotel! Get your VIP access while it’s still available!

*Available Soon


Want to be part of the magic? Join our Ride Operator crew and be in control of your favorite attraction!

*Available Soon


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Can you feel the magic?

Want to join our adventure throughout Disney? Come and join this amazing magical environment! Can you smell all the sweets like popcorn? Or hear the magical music from the movies? Want to see your favorite Disney character ingame? It’s all possible in RollerCoasterThemePark. With the new Shop, Restaurant & Disney coins, is this all possible! 3D models have been added to give it a little extra. Now you also can get the VIP and the VIP packages that will provide you extra features like managing the rides and getting FREE ingame coins. We also have the Ride Operator rank. This will give you access to all the attractions to manage them!
A magical time awaits…

A few things you should know!

This is RollercoasterThemePark. This all started a few years ago when MCImagineers started building this beautiful map. They decided to stop the project and they won’t return. Our team contacted them if we could proceed with this project and finish it. So we got an agreement. Now our team is hard working on this project, building, modeling and developing.


Want to finish all the magical things? You can hear it now with the new Audio client. Discover the most beautiful sounds throughout the park! Use /audio in the MC chat. Or use the Magic Menu in your Inventory


There is also a feature added that will change your room in a magical environment with hue lamps! Connect them and feel the magic!

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